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Sir Alex Ferguson Supports Lung Cancer Campaign

This November 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson joins Healthier Scotland and NHS Scotland to raise awareness that lung cancer isn’t what it used to be, and that it is worthwhile to see your GP with any signs or symptoms that you are worried about.

I remember being told my parents had lung cancer. It’s one of the scariest things you’ll ever hear. But things are different now. These days, lung cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. And finding it early could save your life.”

Sir Alex Ferguson.

Lung cancer will always be a frightening diagnosis, but compared with 30 years ago there is a lot more can be done, and more people than ever before are surviving it.

If lung cancer is diagnosed early enough, there is some chance of a cure. An operation to remove part or all of an affected lung can be an option in the early stages. While new innovative techniques, combined with latest best practice in radiotherapy and chemotherapy are improving survival rates, and helping to slow the progress of cancer.

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Source - NHS Inform